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When Global Overview created their new Studio team which brought on visual designers, UX Designers and copywriters, one of our first tasks was to refine and expand the GO brand visuals. I was tasked to lead the website rebranding project which would align our website with more accurate information and to match our new style guide. Since then I've been tasked to ongoingly collaborate with our Business Development team to make sure we continue to reach our customers in the best light as our brand evolves.

About: Create a visually engaging website that educates a potential client or applicant about our organization.

Brand: Website @ Global Overview

Objective: Create and continuiously update our website to be educational and offer resources while competing with the look, feel and functionality of competitors in the space.

Challenge: Global Overview offers many services and has a wide variety of clients. The website needs to cater to all of these people without overloading visitors with information.

Solution: The website's design is to be inspired by the corporate design guidelines and offers a user story that is clear and offers avenues for the many personas that will visit allowing for easy navigation, understanding and collecting applications or leads.

Results: A modern, competitive and informative website that not only adheres to our style guide, but offers several paths that eventually lead to open positions or a contact form.

As the lead on the project I coordinated the UX team with support from illustrators and other designers on our team. We were able to achieve this goal and continue to scale the website with beautiful animations, and new information to best serve our visitors, potential clients and applicants.

"About Us" page
"Services" page
"Careers" page
You can visit the Global Overview website at:

about kevin

Kevin is an interdisciplinary visual, product and UX designer looking to create fantastic aesthetics while giving a great experience.

In his free time he enjoys exploring new web development methods, hiking, longboarding and movies.