onDemand for Trenta OS

onDemand is an electron web app that makes finding the current popular movies by platform easy. In its current form, it supports US and German selections for both YouTube Movies and Amazon Digital Movies. Powered by HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON data.

The app

While open, it was intended to be included with Trenta OS as the go-to movie streaming/rental app. "Movies" and "TV Shows" pulls in the proper date based on the JSON file for the corresponding service and country. "Purchases" links directly to the current service's user library.""

The Code

JavaScript Parser
Movie Data JSON
You can view the code on GitHub.
A preview is available here.

about kevin

Kevin is an interdisciplinary visual, product and UX designer looking to create fantastic aesthetics while giving a great experience.

In his free time he enjoys exploring new web development methods, hiking, longboarding and movies.