Visual & Interactive Solutions.

A passionate designer with a professional design sense and strong interest in technology currently creating visual experiences for Costco Business Center and its members.

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Freedom TO Create

Great open technology should look & feel great, too.

Products // Trenta OS & Rainier UI
Organization //
Role // Founder
Started // 2014

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”— Elon Musk

Human to Human

Currently helping reach Costco's B2B members on Costco Business Center's Web Marketing Team.

Projects // Marketing Emails, Web Visuals & Solutions
Common Skills // HTML, CSS, JS & Visual Design
Organization // Costco Business Center
Role // Graphic Designer
Started // 2015

“If you can't make something self-evident, you at least need to make it self-explanatory.”
Steve Krug

Movies in the Cloud

Cinemah enables you to organize your movies backed up in the cloud.

Product // CINEMAH
Role // Designer & Coder
Created // 2015

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