Business Savings Book
for Costco Business Center

At the beginning of 2020, Costco's B2B division began exploring a redesign of the aging Costco Business Center savings booklet that is sent to members every few months. My role was to explore both new designs and layouts while keeping automation in mind.

During the design process, I was also assigned the monthly production of the savings book giving me the insight just what and how things had to be optimized through automation. The approved result turned out clean, modern and cut down on production time.

Thanks to the curated Google Sheet and an intuitive Adobe InDesign plugin, we were able to pull the data of each product featured along with the theme color of each month's booklet. Here are some samples of the template:

about kevin

Kevin is an interdisciplinary visual, product and UX designer looking to create fantastic aesthetics while giving a great experience.

In his free time he enjoys exploring new web development methods, hiking, longboarding and movies.