GOALKeeper (GK) is an internal mutlitool for managing ad campaigns and products from Amazon with machine learning at Global Overview. The user interface was built to be functional and had no UX thinking or product design involved in its creation. User feedback allowed us to identify that the interface being cluttered and unintuitive was causing them to use 3rd party tools instead.

I was given the task to overhaul both the user interface and workflow within GOALKeeper and this has been an ongoing project.

About: Create a new look and feel to GOALKeeper that not only updates the look and feel, but how the tool functions allowing users to complete repetitive tasks faster.

Brand: GOALKeeper @ Global Overview

Objective: Identify the challenges in using GOALKeeper in both workflow and design and develop solutions that result in greater adoption of the tools.

Challenge: Current UI lacks ability for expansion in the future and was not built with user workflows in mind creating an inconsistent experience across tools on the platform.

Solution: Design and implement a new user interface that adheres to corporate design guidelines and acts as a foundation for future improvements to GOALKeeper. Then individual workflows of each tool within GOALKeeper should be addressed to be more intuitive for users to complete their tasks.

Results: Implemented UI and UX thinking. Adoption of GOALKeeper and individual tools addressed increased.
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