Design Guidelines for Reporting at Global Overview

Data and reports are a large part in both influencing strategy and showing results for many businesses but especially in advertising. At Global Overview, despite having corporate design guidelines, there were no specific guidelines on creating consistent reports.

Some reports used outdated logos, mismatching colors, sizing and elements like drop downs placed in places different from the next report. Global Overview needed a way to ensure consistency and reflect trust in our brand when presenting these reports to external viewers.

About: Improving consistency and visual fidelity of reports at Global Overview.

Brand: Reporting @ Global Overview

Objective: Identity causes of inconsistency and create guidelines that encourage consistency and elevated aesthetics across reports while allowing freedom to create unique reporting layouts. Ideally this creates a familiar look and feel across all reports while containing different sets of infromation.

Challenge: Currently reports shared internally and externally do not adhere to any guidelines and any guidelines introduced must have a minimum impact on workload of data scientists and should be easy to implement within target platform.

Solution: Design and define guidelines that allow for an aesthetics consistency across all reports developed that instill brand consistency and trust that the reports are officially sourced from Global Overview.

Results: Design guidelines and tools that are easily understood and utilized by data scientist creating a consistent and 'official' look for Global Overview's reports.
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