Web Content Hub for Costco Business Center

When I worked for Costco, I got a frequent questions from the Web Content Team. Everything from which image server was cuasing a caching issue to finding an item on the staging site. I created this little hub to let the web team answer these questions.

The Hub

Using simple JavaScript, I created search and preview sections for different needs. For example, the staging search simply fills in the item number into a link formula that let's the user get directly to the product page on the staging site for the item number they entered.

The Hub

Sometimes there were questions about images. Costco uses two image servers: one where images were stored and another that acted as a cached version which was served to users. Sometimes the web content team were unsure if a product image was cached wrong or uploaded wrong. This tool let them toggle between the cached and stored images to find out where the issue was. Other teams began to use this tool as well to get the highest resolution image we had available quickly without having to go through the graphics team.

about kevin

Kevin is an interdisciplinary visual, product and UX designer looking to create fantastic aesthetics while giving a great experience.

In his free time he enjoys exploring new web development methods, hiking, longboarding and movies.